Big Pond by Robert Holcombe
Queen Bee by Kate Smith
Tahiti by Vish
Nude by Paul Evans

July brings stunning new work from two of Seaview’s favourite artists, Robert Holcombe and Kate Smith.

We’re also excited to introduce new artist Vish to our gallery. Vish creates eye-catching art that would brighten up any room.

And after a successful exhibition last month of Paul Evans’ beautiful paintings, we are now showcasing Paul’s amazing stipple work. Paul covers an area with dots. It is a wildly time-consuming technique, done with a technical pen and ink (usually black) in which an image is drawn dot by dot. The resulting image contains no lines. It is a collection of dots, strategically placed to suggest forms, shapes, contrast and depth. The denser the dots, the darker the apparent shade. It is left to the viewers eye to complete the picture, a proposition which seldom fails, as you can see in the images below.